Entry #1

Oh wow~

2009-09-29 23:02:18 by foolishcharacter

Never knew there was an art portal till now at Newgrounds. I'm still settling in so it'll take a while to get this account fully built. I don't normally do flash either, but I do have the program and have been hoping to find an excuse to do more animations in the future. Maybe this will help motivate me.


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2010-01-22 21:31:58

I really enjoy your artwork - I love the style. I don't know how much you can really consider my opinion since I have absolutely zero art background, but I am still impressed. =)

foolishcharacter responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it. More is to come soon enough, but til than if you really want to see more of my work you can find it at my Deviant Art account http://foolyguy.deviantart.com


2011-11-13 04:49:38

Well, you're part of TOME you should be proud about it!